1. Contested Divorces Any case where there is any type of dispute regarding the reasons provided for the divorce or any of the provisions that are set forth in the divorce application. For example, a wife may state the reason for the irretrievable breakdown of marriage as being due to abuse. The husband may contest this by providing evidence that his wife actually had an affair and that there was no evidence of abuse. A respondent may also contest the divorce in it’s entirety meaning that they do not agree that the marriage should be dissolved. In these cases, evidence of the irretrievable breakdown of marriage must be presented by the applicant. The court may also require proof that an attempt was made to reconcile the marriage in the form of counseling and the court may request a legal separation before they will hear the case again. 2. Divorces Involving Minor Children Any factors that may affect minor children that resulted from the marriage will form part of the divorce agreement. These factors include issues such as custody, guardianship, visitation, support and/or maintenance. If these issues are not dealt with as part of the divorce proceedings, they may need to be addressed at a later. A lawyer will deal with any divorce case where there is a dispute among the parties involved in the divorce regarding any factors that will affect the minor children. 3. Spousal Support Formerly called alimony, spousal support can be granted to an applicant in accordance with a prenuptial agreement or if certain provisions are met for regular or a lump sum payment. 4. Assets And Liabilities Where there is any dispute regarding how assets and liabilities should be divided upon the dissolution of the marriage, an attorney will negotiate on behalf of their client in order to reach a settlement before appearing in court. If an agreement cannot be reached, the court will decide for the parties or divorce mediation may be recommended. Disputes regarding assets and liabilities make up the bulk of cases that are taken on by attorneys. It is also recommended to get an attorney if the other party in the divorce has legal representation.]]>

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